Another new bridge in Ecclesbourne Glen

A busy day today at Ecclesbourne today. Seeing 2 ESCC rights of way Land Rovers driving out I decided to go and see if I could see what they had been up to and was walking round the top of Ecclesbourne Meadow and saw 2 more 4×4’s, these belonging to the Coastguards, no doubt someone has again foolishly tried to climb the cliff and got themselves stuck (edit. a Staffie had gone over the cliff and needed rescuing, thanks Taughtus).

Another set of wheel-marks led down into the glen and going down and along the first path on the left I found this nice new bridge.

I wonder why the previous one has been replaced as it was not that old and was perfectly serviceable the last time I used it. Just needs someone now to deal with the large oak branch that is broken off and hanging over the path a bit further on. Final photo for this post is of a number of Common Red Soldier beetles on Wild Carrot, one of the plants that are now growing in the “scallops” that we cut into the blackthorn scrub surrounding Ecclesbourne Meadow.

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