Chicken in Warren Wood at the Country Park?

Walking down through Warren Wood yesterday I could see something bright orange in the distance and my obvious first thought was that it must be an item of litter or lost clothing but as I got closer I saw that it was actually a large bracket fungus on a log at the side of the  path. Not having a book on fungi, I used the power of Google and am pretty sure that it is one called Chicken of the Woods. This fungus is said to be edible and some say that it does taste of chicken, hence it’s name, yet others liken it’s taste to crab or lobster. However, be aware that depending on the type of wood on which it is growing it may contain toxins that will make you sick. My advice would therefore be to leave it where it grows and just admire it’s mere gaudiness and leave it there for others to do the same. Fungi are a very specialised subject and many species cannot be identified without microscopic examination by an expert.

On Monday also in Warren Glen I finally saw a Ringlet butterfly, a species which despite being quite common and which I have seen plenty of in other places had up ’till then eluded me at the Country Park.

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