Another New Record.

Further investigation of the dung beetles that live in ecosystems created by grazing in the Country Park has produced exciting results. There is a very healthy population of Minotaur Beetles Typhaeus typhoeus in the higher areas of the grazed fields above Warren Glen. This could be because of the very short-cropped grass with areas of poaching that exposes sandy soil allowing ease of burrowing. Turning over piles of dung revealed burrow holes that are typical of geotrupid beetles, and a little rummaging found many Minotaurs. Even better than that was the discovery of a Violet Dor beetle Geotrupes mutator in one of the piles of dung. This is a Nationally Scarce species that is almost unrecorded in the south-east, another good record for the Country Park. This brings the number of dung beetle species in the Country Park to seventeen (so far).

Minotaur                 Typhaeus typhoeusGeotrupes mutator

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