Visitor Centre out of season opening hours

Our colleagues at the Visitor Centre have informed me that now the holiday season is over and with their number about to be reduced by one, that from Friday 25th September the opening hours will be reduced to 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, staff availability permitting.

This is still more than a great many other volunteer manned visitor centres that are only open at weekends all year round and we should all be grateful for their commitment.

Kestrel today - Warren Glen

Kestrel today – Warren Glen

Theft from Hastings Country Park.

Reports are being received in the Visitor Centre of a disturbing theft from Hastings Country Park. Early indications suggest that a criminal conspiracy has been at work to deprive visitors to the Country Park of the last days of summer. At this juncture the picture is not entirely clear, but it would appear that all traces of summer have been bundled into a bag marked Swag and driven away by a man in a stripy jumper and a mask. If anyone can shed any light on this matter, please contact the relevant authorities.

Photofit picture

Photofit picture

New Visitor Centre update

This statement from Murray Davidson at Hastings Borough Council regarding the new VC has been forwarded to me by the VC staff for posting:-

‘The tenders for the new visitor centre at Hastings Country Park were higher than expected, and higher than we had budgeted for. We are now looking at different options, and these will be presented to the project board overseeing the work in October. Hastings Borough Council and its partner Groundwork Trust are committed to building a quality new visitor centre that the fantastic landscape at Hastings Country Park deserves.’

Leafcutter Bees at the Visitor Centre.

The wooden siding of the south wall of the Visitor Centre has a plethora of small knot-holes, splits and cracks, and a few of these have been adopted by Leafcutter Bees (Megachile spp.). It doesn’t take many minutes of watching before one may notice a bee flying toward the VC carrying a large piece of leaf beneath its body between its legs. The bee then squeezes its body and payload through the hole in the wooden siding. They cut leaves using their mandibles; rectangular pieces for the side walls of the cell and circular pieces for the end walls. The cells are then provisioned with a mixture of pollen and nectar for the larva to feed upon.