Cold War Wasp

Encountering the Cold War Bunker in the Country Park is often the start of many questions springing to mind. When was it operational, how many service personnel were stationed there, what is its layout, why did they knock down the guardhouse? Are just a few of the typical questions. One of the less frequently asked questions is “what species of wasp could that be?” A walk atop the bunker yesterday brought the discovery of a tiny wasp, less than 2mm long, but very beautiful with its distinctive colouration. Callitula pyrrhogaster is one of the flightless parasitic wasps and there are very few records of its presence. It is said to be a reasonably common species but almost no one bothers to identify this branch of wasps as they are so difficult. As a result this is another first for the Country Park and another first for Sussex.


Callitula pyrrhogaster

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