Beauty Contest?

Ivy growing over the Visitor Centre provides an interesting habitat to study if you wish to monitor invertebrate life without wishing to go very far in the Country Park. One of the regular visitors that might be found over much of the year is a very strange looking creature. The Issid Hopper Issus coleoptratus is a relatively large hopper at approximately 6mm, but its shape and form make it seem considerably larger. The elytra are covered with a strong network of veins and there can be dark forms as well as the more common grey form. Its face is beyond description, beautifully ugly, unsettling yet endearing, definitely unforgettable. Its ability to jump is noteworthy. The jump does not come from its legs but from mechanical gears in the thorax. It is a very odd creature but always a pleasure to see.

Issus coleoptratus Issus coleoptratus

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