Sunshine at last…

It seemed appropriate to mark the relenting of that persistent cold wind with a stroll in the quarry to see if any insects would appear in the very welcome sunshine. Winter clearance work by the Volunteers has created perfect new habitat on some of the banks in the quarry and enriched this site. A first glance at the unfurling leaves on willow regrowth near to the exposed rock faces saw a Cream-spot Ladybird and a brilliant metallic green/gold Weevil (Polydrusus pterygomalis). Turning into the open quarry a Small Copper butterfly was flitting around the Wood Sage and warming in the sunshine. A closer look at the Wood Sage saw a Green Tortoise Beetle and a Sloe Bug (or Hairy Shieldbug if you prefer). All of these beautiful insects were in habitat that has been created by the diligent work of the Volunteers, to whom we say thank you.

Cream-spotSloe BugPolydrusus pterygomalisGreen Tortoise Beetle  Cassida viridis

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