There’ll be Bluebells over the Sandy Cliffs of Hastings Country Park

Having started my walk this afternoon in the sunshine for it only to become overcast with a distinct dampness in the air my mood was again lifted by the sight of the first bluebells on Brakey Bank. Not quite fully in bloom yet and looking at the sea of bluebell foliage we should soon be rewarded with the usual impressive display there.

Bluebell_BB_03-16It is also interesting to see bluebells coming up in places where the gorse has been cleared and the Exmoor Ponies/White Park Cattle have been active. Have these plants flowered hidden from our view in the past or have they been dormant? Either way this is an indicator of the value of recent management.

1 thought on “There’ll be Bluebells over the Sandy Cliffs of Hastings Country Park

  1. Yes Martin, I have noticed the bluebells showing where we have cleared the gorse and scrub, along with foxglove plants which would probably never have been seen before the clearance. Perhaps the passing public will now appreciate what has been done.

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