We have our quarry in sight

Last Thursday we did the last cutting in the Quarry ’till the autumn when we hope to finish opening up the quarry face. The narrow path that leads to the stone steps is now more open and should dry up faster.


Thurs_3-3-16_no2Yesterday was again the first Sunday and finished clearing up the willow that we had cut down previously and dragged it to the fire site ready for this Thursday.

Sun_6-3-16This pile is about half of the cord wood that we got from one sprawling willow that was partly dead and covering a large area. New growth will now be able to establish itself there and the dead wood on the stump will provide invertebrate habitat.

Sun_6-3-16_no2This split log shows the decay spreading out from the centre. There were signs of bluebells coming up in the area we have just cleared which will certainly benefit and something that we are not used to seeing in the Quarry.

This still leaves us plenty to do pulling up the bramble in the areas we have cleared before that takes over!

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