A Municipal Clock in Fairlight Glen

Today I was able to find just one specimen of Moschatel, a wild flower that has eluded me for the past 2 years and I feared that the advance of the rather vigorous Ramsons across Fairlight Glen had eradicated this rather unique plant. The flower stalk has 5 flowers all at right angles from which it gets its other common name, Town Hall Clock. It would be a great shame if it disappears from this spot as I have been told that it is the only place it has ever been recorded in the Country Park.

Yellow Archangel is now in flower as is Cow Parsley.

More migrants arrive

Yesterday I saw my first Whitethroat of the year, which is just about the right time. Many of these warblers will be arriving now having flown all the way from West Africa. The greyish head and white eye ring of this one suggests a male. The “white throat” from which it gets its name is also clearly visible.

I think my collection of Coastguard helicopter photos is now complete with this one taken from directly below as it flew over.

Another Tiger

Lots more wildflowers out now, Red Campion, Grape Hyacinth, Alexander, Three-cornered Leek, Ramsons, Stitchwort all added to my list last week. Also the blackthorn is in blossom. Brakey Bank may well be at it’s best in time for Easter.

The tiger is this caterpillar, the first that I have seen this year, a Cream Spot Tiger Moth.

Dripping Well path Fairlight Glen

Coming up the Dripping Well path today I found that it is again blocked by a fallen tree. It is quite spectacularly split from a good way up the trunk as can be seen in this photo.drip_well_path_1_13-02-17

As you can see, the rest of it is right across the path and it has brought a couple of smaller trees down with it too. A little further up I met a couple with a push chair who decided wisely to go back when told about the blockage.


Charlie’s back!

The Charlie Rock barge along with it’s tug Afon Goch came back today with one more load of Larvikite to finish off the Fairlight berm


charlie_rock2_07-11-16 This barge load should be enough to finish the job and I have been told that tomorrow there will be a load dropped off at Hastings Pier. I also got a better video than last time. Watch the Cat loader closely and you will just how much lifting power it has as it picks its back wheels up right off the deck!