A new Dragonfly record for the Country Park?

Taking the rather overgrown path from bollard 23 towards the Quarry today, I saw a very busy dragonfly flitting about here and there which given it’s size I assumed to be a Hawker and watched for some time hoping that it might land in range of my camera and as luck would have it, it did. Too busy trying to get a useable photo, I did not realise that I had not seen this one before ’till I looked at the photo. it is in fact a female Golden-ringed Dragonfly, a first for me and quite possibly a new record for the Country Park as I can find nothing on the National Biodiversity Network Atlas or the Biodiversity Records Centre’s recording site iRecord within the boundaries of the Country Park. This is a very striking Dragonfly with a jet black body and yellow markings.

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