Muddy footpaths in June!

Outside today you could call it flaming June but the recent rain has made some very unseasonal conditions. Our group walk yesterday was cancelled as we would have got soaked just getting to the meeting point.

It cleared up and I decided to go out in the afternoon. Saw my first Meadow Brown of the year on the verge in Fyrs Way before I got to the Country Park. I had only planned to go as far as Warren Glen but arriving at the bottom of Lovers Seat steps carried on through Fairlight Glen as it looked like the weather would hold and I had not yet seen the new bridge in Ecclesbourne Glen. When I got as far as Ecclesbourne Meadow I felt a few spots of rain and I realised that I was going to get wet anyway but it was worth it to see a small flock of Goldfinch in Ecclesbourne Meadow.

The path down into the glen afforded a little shelter and at the bottom I found what must be the longest footbridge for miles. I counted 26 paces. The old collapsed culvert has been completely removed allowing the stream to flow unimpeded again.

new_bridgeStanding on the bridge there is a lovely smell of freshly sawn Douglas Fir. Leaving the glen by the track up past the reservoir I came across the ESCC team who had just finished the bridge having problems extricating themselves in the very wet and slippery conditions. I spoke to them briefly and they told me that they were going to leave the other two bridges they have still to do for a few weeks to let it dry up. These are harder to access than the one in the photo being down the path where repaired the revetments last year.

It would seem that because of the very wet winter that we had it has not taken much rain to make some footpaths quite muddy again.

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