Lurking in the undergrowth

Whilst enjoying the glorious open spaces that are available around the Country Park, we notice various elements of the natural world whether it be clouds, birds, flowers or mud. Frequently we might notice a ladybird rampaging through the undergrowth, and become aware of the different species of ladybird that are waiting to be found. But perhaps we don’t know that these are various species of conspicuous ladybird. There are also a number of species of inconspicuous ladybirds that are seen less frequently and less easily. These tend to be very small, between 1.3mm and 3mm long, and covered in short hair rendering them dull, and either brown or black in colour. As if that combination of size and colour didn’t make finding them challenging enough, some of them live in long grass, or in ivy. It will come as no surprise that there are significantly fewer records of inconspicuous ladybirds compared to their bright and colourful relatives. If you rummage around in the long grass opposite the visitor centre there is a fair chance you will come across one of these ladybirds Rhyzobius litura, a species that is widespread around the UK but seldom noticed.

Rhyzobius litura

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