Meeting of the Hastings Country Park NR Sub Aqua club

We had one last burn to do at Ecclesbourne Meadow left to do and what a day we picked! It started off dry and we got the fire lit ok but strong winds blew the flames through the fire rather than letting them up through the brash piled on top. Then it rained and boy did it rain! It was looking like we would have to go back again, but when? As the ground conditions are getting a little too wet to drive over there without the risk of getting stuck. Feeding the fire was very slow going when we broke for a cuppa and biscuits.

During our break the wind abated a little and we started to see flame coming up through the pile and by the time we started again we were able to really start to pile it on. By lunch the brash was all gone. Phil had very kindly brought us all a packet of posh crisps each and Mr Pip very generously allowed me to have some of his.

This just left us to tidy up and push the fire in before returning to the farm, put away the tools and wash up before going home to find some dry clothes!!

Farewell Ecclesbourne Meadow but like Arnie we’ll be back.

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