Gorse Hunting.

The Country Park is very generously stocked with gorse, yet it is rare that one gets to see a Gorse Shieldbug. Their colouration is well-suited to the host plant, and the structural form of the plant makes it difficult to see an insect that is very slow-moving and sits deep within the forest of spines. Today’s combination of warm sunshine and strong, cool wind seemed a good combination of elements to find them basking in the furze. A hunt around the quarry proved fruitful with fourteen Gorse Shieldbugs in view. They are now just starting to change into their winter colouration, and hence have more brown appearing in place of the usual green elytra and pronotum. Gorse Shieldbugs are not restricted to gorse and may also be found on broom and other plants of the Leguminosae, but the dominance of gorse within the Country Park makes it the primary host.