Rye Bay Scallops

Well we are in Rye Bay and we are creating scallops!

After looking like we were going to have a wet day, the rain stopped when we arrived at the job and stayed away. The scrub is mostly blackthorn with a little hawthorn sprinkled around. We have left 1 larger hawthorn and a small oak so far and 1 dead tree because standing dead wood provides important habitat just as much as fallen dead wood.

scallopThe scallop so far. The bare ground was impenetrable scrub, well, not for us of course! If you look closely you will see a couple of patches of red in the background, this is hawthorn berries. We now have a large pile of brash to deal with.

Raven and Peregrine were both seen during the day and back at the farm we saw a large bird of prey with jesses on being mobbed by corvids which we believe to be a Harris Hawk. Hopefully it will be reunited with it’s owner.

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