Bon Jovi, Sycamore and Ragwort

Sunday 2nd August rewarded us with very nice weather and I decided to walk to the farm. Arriving almost on the dot of 10 o’clock I found the group all loaded up and ready to go. Julie took the Landrover round to Warren Cottage whilst we walked up to Barley Lane and onto the footpath known to us as “Bon Jovi” (a long story) where we started to cut back vegetation that was obstructing the path. We worked our way along and finished in time for a tea/coffee break. Julie did us proud with a great selection of biscuits.
Now refreshed we went down Brakey Bank to deal with some broken off sycamore branches and cut back the vegetation around a memorial bench. This took us through to lunchtime.
We finished the day by pulling Ragwort on the southern edge of the Quarry to stop it seeding into where the Exmoor ponies are.
It was good to welcome a new volunteer today and look forward to seeing him again.

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