Brambling in the Quarry

Ok, that should have got the attention of loads of birders and some extra hits for the site!! This week we have been uprooting brambles from the areas in the Quarry that we cleared last year using a tool called a Lazy Dog which which Sam on the right in the first photo below is holding. We usually use these for pulling ragwort (that should get us some more hits too) but they are also great for removing bramble by the roots with the least disturbance to the ground. If not checked this bramble would spread all across the areas that we have spent so much time clearing and prevent the seedlings that we can now see from thriving.

Thurs_31-03-16This is Thursday’s pile which might not look much but there is a very large number of individual roots there. Sorry about the dinginess of the photo, it had been quite a nice day before that haze appeared. We also sadly had to say goodbye to Bob the Estate Ranger who has transferred over to HBC’s contractors The Landscape Group and will from now on be working from their depot at Alexandra Park but we may still see him up here from time to time.

Sun_3-04-16Here is Sunday’s haul all loaded into builders bags, ready to be taken back to the green waste recycling at the farm to be turned into compost along with all the other green waste from the borough that the contractors produce.

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