Ecclesbourne Glen Footpaths

Today we re-opened a number of footpaths in Ecclesbourne Glen that have been closed due to landslips since the end of last year after having then only been open for about a month. This time we hope it will last a little longer. This was the culmination of many days work repairing culverts and steps, putting in a complete set of new steps, cutting back encroaching scrub and removing overhanging branches.

The coastal path from the East Hill to the bottom of Ecclesbourne Glen will remain closed indefinitely as it has been decided that the ground is too unstable to re-open it safely. This is shown on the map below in red and the re-opened paths in blue. The path shown in orange is also currently closed due to a collapsed culvert but will be open again once East Sussex County Council Rights of Way have replaced this with a footbridge as this is their responsibility.

eg_footpaths_8_10_15To get from the East Hill to the coastal path east of Ecclesbourne Glen leave the East Hill via Rocklands Lane and head to Barley Lane car park and go through the gate closest to the parking ticket machine and go straight down to bollard 7, bear slightly right and go up to bollard 6, bear right and you are back on the coastal path.


3 thoughts on “Ecclesbourne Glen Footpaths

  1. I wonder if it would be possible to provide a sensible and practical diversion route and associated signage to help walkers from out of town to find their way through Ecclesbourne Glen.

    The existing footpaths are now, not only unusable, but really dangerous to traverse.

    I have written to both HBC and County with no success.

    There are no warnings to walkers as to how dangerous it is to try to follow the South Saxon Shore Way.


    • I’m sorry but as volunteers we have no input in matters such as this, we merely carry out the work. I have passed your comments on to the Parks and Open Spaces Manager but I’m afraid that I have no reply to pass on.


      • Thanks you for your comments. I will continue to seek help and advice from both HBC and ESCC.

        Thanks to your team for all your hard work. It is appreciated.



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